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2012 VP Prospects

Will The Real Marco Rubio Please Stand Up?

By Harry Wilmott, 4-17-2012

My first instinct upon meeting anyone who presents an honest facade is to accept the premise until they disprove it. I have read that people meeting each other for the first time will probably tell three lies in a first conversation. Oh, these are meaningless lies...little white lies about how well they are feeling or about the meal they just ate, or the movie they just saw. Sometimes these lies assume larger proportion - about their jobs, their education, and their position in life, their happiness or the lack of it. Its human nature to exaggerate or understate depending on circumstance - but malicious deception is a whole different ball game, its intent is malicious, and at its highest level there is criminal deceit. The intention is to harm others, to gain from others or to deprive others by planned subterfuge. It's being enacted every day in America for political purposes. The most obvious example is the case of the usurper in the White House and the cover up in play.

Law enforcement has dealt with identity fraud for a long time, and only now are they beginning to realize that the issue is not very well managed because there is little or no national sharing of information such as with fingerprints, DNA and other data. Terrorism has now highlighted the need for more sophisticated techniques in this field. Politics is practicing criminal deceit in many forms upon the lawful American citizenry, and quite without guile.

Without equivocation, I say that "honest politician" is an oxymoron. I'll go one step further and say that "criminal politician" should be the new exemplar. It's my conviction that every congressperson, all politicians at every level, every politically appointed judge, all political parties and the media, do have a clear understanding of the unambiguous presidential eligibility requirements defined in Article II of the Constitution. Therefore, anyone who intentionally deceives the American public about the eligibility requirements is engaging in criminal deception, and because the consequences of that action is to deliberately destroy the precepts upon which this nation was founded it is also a treasonous act punishable by law.

Records show that Marco Rubio was born May 28, 1971. His Cuban parents came to America in 1956 and became naturalized citizens in 1975. That certainly makes him an American citizen but not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible to be president of the USA. He knows it - he graduated cum laude from law school - everybody of consequence knows it and he and they are practicing criminal deception. Why? I believe it's to create a precedent which will add to the fraud that has already been perpetrated upon us by the Executive office and our elected representatives. Then the Constitution will be systematically decimated using the frayed argument that it should be a living document and constantly revised to keep up with the times. What a wonderful tool for our government to manipulate. There will be so many changes in the months ahead it will make ones head spin. The eight year maximum term for presidential office will be revised to suit the politicians and the Electoral College will be disbanded. Majority rule will take over and America will cease to be a Republic and become an oligarchy at the very least and, in all likelihood, a communist regime.

Marco Rubio is complicit in this scheme to destroy the Constitution. What other reason could he have for his fraudulent behavior? McCain was born, not in an American military hospital but in a residential Panamanian hospital. He knows it and he has also deceived us. Bobby Jindal coyly avoids the issue of presidential possibility in the same manner as Rubio knowing that he is ineligible. True American patriots would immediately renounce the suggestions that they could be candidates for either the presidency or the vice-presidency. They don't, and they won't!

Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, a politician who is respected by many, has just declared that he thinks Rubio would be a great V.P. candidate for Mitt Romney. Another member of the political club who is deliberately deceiving the American public because he knows that Rubio is ineligible. Interestingly, his wife is Mexican born. Come to think of it there is a Mexican connection in the Romney family too. Jeb Bush goes on to praise Rubio's charisma and how that would bode well in attracting Hispanics to the Republican ticket.

Because the predominant slant in England is toward Liberalism and Socialism, the population really embraced a truly charismatic Labor Party Leader named Tony Blair in 1994 and later as Prime Minister from 1997 through 2007. He was the architect of the drive to make Great Britain a member of the EU...always with a friendly smile. He succeeded, and the UK is a pitiful shadow of its former international prominence today and has almost no voice in how it is governed and its population has been mongrelized. Just like Bubba Clinton, Blair has amassed a personal fortune and travels the world conning everyone with his speeches and faux chairmanships in various organizations...but secretly meeting with shadowy "global" figures and living the good life at private residences and exclusive resorts. He was, and is a ruthless globalist, and if charisma is considered an electable asset...criminal deceit isn't. We have the playbook right in front of our eyes and most Americans still haven't a clue. It's almost too late. Every element of moral America has already been taken over and is no longer available for our recourse.

We all know that Obama is a manufactured product...maybe Rubio is too. Perhaps there are others?

Harry Wilmott is a retired aerospace executive, husband, father and grandfather. A naturalized American citizen of English descent who immigrated to America because of his admiration for its Constitutional precepts and the opportunities it offered for its citizenry. Mr. Wilmott is the quintessential legal immigrant because, as he puts it..."he has honored the quid pro quo of what immigration is all about - mutual consideration; the exchange of something of value." He has been good for America and America has been good for him.


Senator Marco Rubio’s father was not a naturalized citizen when Marco was born in May 1971 per National Archives data. His father applied for naturalization in Sep 1975. Marco Rubio not constitutionally eligible to run for President or VP

By Retired Navy Commander Charles Kerchner, May 22nd, 2011

A natural born Citizen of the United States is one born in the United States to two U.S. Citizens who were Citizens of the United States either by birth or naturalization at the time of the birth of the child. A natural born Citizen of the United States is a child born with sole allegiance to the United States, a person born without Citizenship in any other country other than the USA at the time of their birth. A natural born Citizen has no foreign influence or claim on them by another country at the time of their birth under U.S. law and the Law of Nations. That is why the founders and framers chose the legal term of art “natural born Citizen” for the eligibility clause for the singular most powerful office in our form of government, the President and Commander in Chief of our military. They did not wish command of our military forces to ever devolve to a person born with dual allegiances.

Senator Marco Rubio of FL has been evasive and not been forthcoming about his exact citizenship status upon his birth in the United States in May 1971. Phone calls, emails, and letters to his office by various volunteers over the last year have gone unanswered on the question of whether his parents (who were immigrants from Cuba) had become naturalized citizens of the USA by the time of Marco’s birth in the USA.

We have given Senator Rubio long enough to be voluntarily forthcoming on this information. A phone call last week by a volunteer researcher assisting my efforts to learn more about Senator Marco Rubio’s exact birth citizenship status was made to the National Archives (NARA) to learn the facts about Senator Marco Rubio and certain other individuals who are mentioned in the media as potential candidates for President or Vice President. That is, are they constitutionally eligible, i.e., “natural born Citizens of the United States” as is required in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

According to the information conveyed to the volunteer during the phone calls to NARA about Senator Marco Rubio of FL, his father did not petition to become a naturalized citizen of the United States until Sep 1975, a full four years after Marco Rubio was born. A natural born Citizen of the United States is one born in the United States to two U.S. Citizens at the time of the birth. Thus Senator Marco Rubio is NOT a natural born Citizen of the United States. He is a native born Citizen under the 14th Amendment and/or the Wong Kim Ark (1898) Supreme Court decision which grants basic citizenship to individuals born in the USA. But Senator Marco Rubio is NOT a natural born Citizen under Article II, Section 1. Thus Senator Marco Rubio is NOT constitutionally eligible to serve as President or Vice President of the United States per Article II, Section 1, and the last sentence of the 12th Amendment to the Constitution. Senator Marco Rubio has obviously known this for a long time. His silence in response to the American electorate and avoidance to answering the questions put to him over the last year about this issue says a lot about Marco Rubio and indicates that when it comes to his own personal political objectives he is in the progressive school of thought about following the fundamental law of the land, our U.S. Constitution. To people of the progressive school of thinking the Constitution says and means whatever one wants it to mean to allow one to achieve their personal political power and goals, i.e., what John McCain did in the 2008 presidential election cycle in making a deal with Senator Obama and the U.S. Senate so that McCain could run unmolested about questions by the Democrat Party operatives and their allies in the major media as to his natural born Citizenship status.

Senator Marco Rubio is NOT a natural born Citizen. He was born with dual allegiance. One to the USA by location of birth and the other to Cuba via gaining Cuban citizenship at birth via his father since his father had not yet naturalized to the USA and renounced his Cuban citizenship by doing so. This is similar to the situation with Obama gaining British citizenship at birth from his Kenyan British Subject father. Senator Marco Rubio should stand up for the Constitution and speak out about this and say that as much as he’d like to run someday for those offices, he is not constitutionally eligible to run for President or VP. He should be a protector of the U.S. Constitution, the document that gave his parents the freedom and liberty they sought when they naturalized in this country. He should put his personal ambitions for higher office aside. He should tell the RNC and people in the media the facts and stand up like a statesman should and support the Constitution and not allow them to continue their musing and aspirations to run him for Prez and VP some day. To allow such discussions to continue in the major media is allowing them to continue to undermine the true meaning and intent of the “natural born Citizen” clause in Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

In addition to clarifying his own constitutional citizenship status, Senator Marco Rubio of FL should also say that Obama is not eligible either and should be investigated for election fraud and criminal activities such as SSN fraud and draft registration fraud and be removed from office. We not only have a constitutionally ineligible person in the Oval Office but we also have a grifter and criminal in that office.

The leadership of the Republican Party and the RNC is also complicit in this usurpation of the founders and framers intent with the eligiblity clause in Article II Section 1. The Republican Party leadership has ENABLED Obama to get away with what he’s done to illegally usurp national power in order that the Republican Party can do the same thing too, i.e., ignore the Constitution when it suits their own political power objectives. It’s time for a change in the Republican Party leadership … a major change. We need dedicated constitutionalists to take over the party and fight the righteous battle to restore the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution to full force and effect in Washington DC and throughout our great land and to investigate Obama and have him removed for the fraud and criminal he is, and to thence begin a purge in Washington DC of all the enablers of this usurpation and cover up. We the People demand it.

Copies of the naturalization petition for U.S. Citizenship filed in Sep 1975 for Mario Rubio, the father of Senator Marco Rubio who was born in May 1971, were mailed to me from the National Archives and will be published here upon receipt.

UPDATE 27 May 2011: Copy of Sep 1975 Petition for Naturalization for Mario Rubio, father of Senator Marco Rubio who was born in May 1971, more than 4 years after his father elected to become a U.S. Citizen and renounce his Cuban citizenship:

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

Naturalization Petition Filed in Sep 1975 for Mario Rubio, the father of Senator Marco Rubio born May 1971

Rubio Naturalization Petition CERTIFIED from National Archives

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