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Herb Titus, Esq.

May 1st, 2012



Fox News reporter and host of Special Report, Bret Baier conceded on his blog today that the constitutional meaning of Natural Born Citizen has lately been a source of continuing controversy given the buzz that Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Bobby Jindal are on the short list of possible VP picks for presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. This is because there are growing numbers of Americans who have come to realize that the Founding Fathers were expressly concerned that our commander-in-chief have no foreign allegiances. Mr. Rubio and Mr. Jindal’s parents were foreign citizens at the time of their birth and the Constitution clearly differentiates citizenship status for both the POTUS and VPOTUS (12th Amendment).

Oddly, Mr. Baier failed to make mention on his blog, how this ongoing controversy relates to Mr. Obama’s own “Natural Born” status; especially given the fact that Obama’s parentage and birthplace have yet to be conclusively proven and verified by any independent legal authority.

Nevertheless, Art2SuperPAC applauds Mr. Baier’s rational, common sense approach to finally address this constitutional crisis once and for all. By doing a full piece on his show with a panel of constitutional scholars, a “fair and balanced” debate will serve an invaluable service to the American people. Fox News is to be applauded for taking the lead and finally allowing the debate that the courts and the media have shamefully avoided for more than three years.

As a preeminent supporter of the Constitution and a leader in the effort to ensure that citizens and elected officials clearly understand Article II and the definitive meaning intended by the Founding Fathers of “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,” Mr. Baier and Fox news would be woefully remiss if they failed to reach out to Art2SuperPAC to join the debate. Our legal experts and attorneys are eager to explain the true meaning of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

Read Art2SuperPAC's press release linked below in response to Bret Baier’s initial blog posting today.

Press Release: Herb Titus Esq. Corrects Bret Baier of Fox News on Natural Born Citizen Definition, 5-1-2012, Click Here

Herb Titus, Esq. Corrects Bret Baier of Fox News on Natural Born Citizen Definition, 5-1-2012

Herbert W. Titus is of counsel to the law firm of William J. Olson, P.C. Prior to his association with this firm, Mr. Titus taught constitutional law, common law, and other subjects for nearly 30 years at five different American Bar Association approved law schools. From 1986 to 1993, he served as the founding Dean of the College of Law and Government in Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Prior to his academic career, he served as a Trial Attorney and a Special Assistant United States Attorney with the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. and Kansas City, Missouri. Today he is engaged in a general practice with a concentration in constitutional strategy, litigation, and appeals.

Mr. Titus holds the J.D. degree (cum laude) from Harvard and the B.S. degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He is an active member of the bar of Virginia and an inactive member of the bar of Oregon. He is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, the United States Court of Claims, and the United States Courts of Appeals for the Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth, District of Columbia and Federal Circuits. His constitutional practice has taken him into federal district courts in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia and the state courts of Idaho, Texas and North Dakota.

He serves as general counsel to the Michael New Action Fund. He also does research and legal writing for the Free Speech Coalition and other similar organizations dedicated to the restoration of constitutional law and liberty in the nation.

Mr. Titus has appeared as a guest on radio and television shows and, for two years, hosted his own daily radio program, That's The Law, on the VCY America network. He has testified on constitutional issues before the United States Congress. He has also testified on state and federal constitutional issues before several state legislatures. His views on constitutional law have received wide circulation on the Internet and other media, and among members of Congress, state legislatures, and public policy advocates and organizations.

Mr. Titus has written numerous articles, book chapters and constitutional studies and analyses. He is the author of God, Man & Law: The Biblical Principle, a widely acclaimed text on American common law. His e-books on the common law and constitutional liberty (co-authored with Gerald Thompson) are available at Mr. Titus is regularly invited to lecture and conduct workshops on American legal and constitutional history before civic groups, church gatherings, and homeschool conferences.

Mr. Titus and his wife, Marilyn, have been married 48 years and reside in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Tituses have four children and 15 grandchildren.


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