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$25,000 Challenge to General Colin Powell

On August 8, 2011 the Birther Summit issued a challenge to Gen. Colin Powell (Ret) to review a mountain of evidence clearly demonstrating the birth certificate officially released by the White House and posted on its server on April 27, 2011 was a forgery.

Nine days later, the Arizona "Surprise Tea Party" collected 242 signatures on a petition requesting Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona to conduct an investigation into the birth certificate posted on the White House servers on April 27, 2011.

One man honored his Oath of Office by immediately launching an investigation, while the other dismissed "We the People's" challenge in classic Alinsky style -- ridicule.

Article II Super PAC revisited the original challenge and upped the ante. We are giving General Colin Powell a second chance to do what an honorable man does--honor his Oath. We are challenging him "to meet with Sheriff Arpaio in the reasonably near future, review the evidence, and issue a statement regarding that evidence. If you choose to accept this challenge, which we pray you will do, then we will make a $25,000 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project in your name."

Duty, honor and country--does it still matter? Will Gen. Colin Powell accept Article II Super PAC's Challenge?

See our full page ad in the Washington Times, 07/16/2012:

Article II Super PAC, Gen Powell/Obama $25,000 Challenge, W.T. Print-Ad, July 16, 2012

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