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Article II Super PAC Board Members

Helen Tansey,
Although born in Cincinnati, Ohio to citizen parents, Helen Tansey grew up in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. eventually settling in Richmond. She earned her B.A. in Psychology and Minor in Religion at Randolph-Macon Woman's College (now Randolph College) in Lynchburg, Virginia. Her professional career focused on non-profit work including: developing and managing youth drug and alcohol prevention programs; coordinating legal aide for low-income clients; and, managing environmental advocacy campaigns. She took a hiatus from her nearly 26 year career in 2008 to dedicate her resources to exposing the election fraud perpetrated by her former Democratic Party. As a lifelong Democrat who spent countless hours volunteering and/or working for every Democratic Presidential campaign since 1992, as well as numerous local and statewide campaigns, she bolted the Party in May of 2008 after witnessing firsthand the corruption that permeated all levels of the leadership within the DNC. If that wasn't enough, she then quickly learned the DNC was hell-bent on putting forward a nominee that could never possibly meet the "natural born citizen" qualifications to hold the Office of the President as the United States Constitution requires. But they did, and she has since dedicated her resources to educating anyone and everyone about the greatest constitutional crisis of her lifetime through her T-Room blog and now through Article II Super PAC.

Gary Wilmott,
Originally born in England of British parents (yes he's not a Natural Born Citizen), Gary Wilmott grew up in Canada and Southern California. He attended UCLA, worked in corporate computer operations for a number of years before pursuing his passion of photography; graduating from Brooks Institute with a BA in commercial photography in 1985. Gary also owned and operated a a very successful sports collectibles business for 10 years before deciding to pursue a career in law in 1998. Gary received his JD in 2002 and currently works for a family law firm in Los Angeles. Gary blogs about the Obama eligibility issue at Give Us Liberty has reached out to over 160 countries since June of 2009 and is projected to have its one-millionth visitor next month.

The current usurpation of the presidency is a constitutional crisis of such magnitude that it must be resolved as it constitutes the greatest threat to America's freedom and security. Gary believes that the Article II Super PAC's goal in educating citizens and elected officials so that they clearly understand the definitive meaning of "Natural Born Citizen" is essential to the development of a legally-binding vetting process that will avoid future election fraud as it relates to the "selection/election" of our future presidents/commander-in-chiefs.

Richard (Rich) Garoutte,
Rich Garoutte has spent the last 45 years working in both private industry and for the federal government in the field of engineering as an electrical engineer and will be retiring from full time employment as a registered professional engineer this year. He is currently serving as the NW Regional Coordinator for the Birther Summit USA and has been actively supporting the Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012. He lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife Iraenah has three sons and one grandson. Rich is an staunch patriot who believes morality and just law were inseparably joined at creation and infused into the soul of man and this knowledge forms the basis for mans ability to reason. With this foundational belief he desires to work to see that just law prevails over unjust law.

Article II Super PAC's Strategic Partner

Pamela Barnett,
U.S. Army Retired Captain who was involved in the forefront of the eligibility challenges by helping to serve the Allen Keyes v. Calif. Secretary of State Bowen (SOS) in 2008 which attempted to block certification of votes for Barack Obama in California. Became a plaintiff on Lightfoot v. Calif. SOS Bowen using the Natural Born argument and Barnett, Keyes v. Obama. Lightfoot went to the Supreme Court where it disappeared off the system after Obama met ex parte with almost all of the members of the Supreme Court before the scheduled conference on our case which was then denied a hearing. Barnett v. Obama was just recently denied a hearing on the merits of Obama's eligibility on lack of standing. In all cases Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. was her attorney.

Pamela worked on the campaign for Orly Taitz for Secretary of State when they realized that Dr. Taitz's opponent did not disclose his prior voter registration even though it was required by California law. Suing the candidate Damon Dunn and the Calif. SOS and Attorney General Jerry Brown also for their gross negligence involved in their duties to ensure an honest ballot for the citizens of California. In researching this lawsuit a ballot challenge provision was discovered in California. This prompted the creation of Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 the nationwide effort to remove Obama from all of the state ballots. Pamela now recently filed a new lawsuit using the Calif. ballot challenge provision along with 6 other Calif. voters, including a Presidential candidate, to block Obama from the Calif. ballot and cease his fundraising in the state.

Pamela was denied access to Obama's mother's consular records in a FOIA request and was told her passport records were destroyed even though they were not scheduled to be destroyed. A FOIA lawsuit will soon be filed against the Department of State.

Pamela authored the book, Never Vetted, Unlawful President, The Loophole in Our Democracy, which proves Obama was never vetted because it was not a requirement: no background investigation, no federal I-9 form signed, no certified birth certificate.

George Miller,
Conservative-Libertarian political activist, Tea Party co-founder, blogger, Partner in, Republican state delegate, retired management consultant, kayaker, and most importantly, Christian and husband. Involved in eligibility movement since 2008.

Please visit Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 to see how you can get involved!





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